My Current Favorite Things

When I went to California since I was staying at my grandparents I did not pack any shower products and figured if my grandma did not have something I liked or needed Target was a short trip away. Well she had this St. Ives face scrub and I totally loved it and bought some to bring back to Sweden with me. I have big pores on my cheeks and always am battling blackheads on my nose and using this every other day has made a drastic difference. Also it is really creamy for being a scrub which I like!

Everyday even if I am not going to be going anywhere I put on tinted moisturizer with SPF. I have used quite a few over the years including Benefit’s, Cover Girl, and The Body Shops and when my Clinique one ran out last summer I was to cheap to pay the Swedish price for it and I felt it stung a little so I went on a search for a new one. I ended up with one that I liked and was planning on buying a new one of when I was in California since it was going to be cheaper. At Target though I saw this Garnier Skin Renew lotion that I had seen advertised a ton online so I bought it and figured if I did not love it I still had time to get the other one.

Well I absolutely love it, I have had no stinging it covers great and when you apply face powder over it there are no streaks. I have the light/medium one and am now bummed I did not stock up on it back in California!

I do not know what the weather is where you are but here in Southern Sweden it is hot and humid now so when I was at home I was on the look out for something besides yoga pants to wear around the house. This were absolutely perfect, I also bought them in orange stripes, and only $9.99 at Target. I bought them in XL and have washed them twice now and they still fit me perfect and what I love most is they are soooooooo soft on the inside, it is like a blanket on your butt seriously!

I am totally on the bun bandwagon, well I have always been since I tend to have long hair and it is a necessity in summer to get it up and away, and love to adorn it with fun little clips. I bought these at Forever 21 for $1.50 and I checked and they are available on the UK, EU, and CAD website too!

These are also from Forever 21, I bought them in gold and neon pink, and also were only $1.50!

Also from Forever 21 and only €9.75 I have worn this skirt to a christening with grey tights, a black sweater and black wedges but also to drinks with black cropped tights, a slightly low cut shirt and big earrings. I have it in a 1x also so it is not ultra show your cellulite tight but not baggy either, it also helps the fabric is thick!

What are you in love with right now?

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