When I was in California I spent the majority of my time with my grandparents, which is not surprising to anyone that knows me since I have always been tagging along with them where ever they went.

It was great being on vacation and staying at their house though since everyday I would wake up and ask my Pal, what I call my grandpa, what kind of adventure we would go on that day and he was always up for shopping and eating which worked out well for me!

Like I said in my first California post, my grandpa was really into taken posed pictures of me on my trip and he thought this was really fun to position all the Red Robin stuff in front of me while my grandma looked super embarrassed. I did not really mind though and was super hopped up on iced tea since I was taking full advantage of all the ice and free refills that I was getting!!

Also amazing was the fries refill at Red Robin, so note to anyone visiting America find a Red Robin and eat french fries till you are sick to your stomach like I did!!

Another day my grandpa and I went to Super Mex which has always been my favorite Mexican Food restaurant in California but for some reason Mr. H never really liked it so I was happy to get to go and fully indulge!

For some reason this was the only type I got Mexican food while in California, the minute I was back in Sweden I really regretted it!

Then another day we went for sushi, the table was covered in plates since there was 8 of us that day and I seriously gorged myself!

Mmmmmm spicy tuna and philadelphia rolls from Kabuki.

Besides my grandparents I ended up with very few pictures of my other family members. This picture is of my great aunt and my little brother took it, even though it is blurry I am glad to have it!



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