Weekend Recap and Fun With Pictures

Friday night the bachelorette party was interesting to say the least!

In addition to me was the bride who is British, two Italian sisters in their 40’s, a women from Uganda around the same age as me, a two Swedes one who is the sister of the bride, and a British women who I suspect is close to my mothers age. The mix of women was very interesting and it was great to see what everyone had to offer to the conversations and hearing everyones story of how they ended up in Sweden. On the bus ride back home I was looking out at the dark Swedish farmland and was just in awe of all the places life has taken me that I could never have anticpated.

In addition to all the great stuff dinner ended up being a total disaster. We had reservations at an Italian restaurant and the two sisters were very excited about a certain dish so the majority of the table ordered it. Sadly the bride ended up with the one with a little bug from lettuce crawling on her plate!! In addition to that when they took her plate away they did not bring a new one back!! Luckily in the end we ended up with our starters being free but it did bring the night down a bit.

Saturday was filled with card playing and drink making. According to Mr. H we had like four beers each and three mixed drinks but I am not so sure I believe him, well I do I just choose to think I drank less!

We played canasta and Phase 10, both of which we love since they are easy to play with two players and involve less thinking then Scrabble!

Mixed in with that we finished season three of Criminal Minds, which was kinda sad since I just had come home Tuesday with the DVD’s and we watched them insanely fast. Not to fret though as we have already ordered season four and five and should be here shortly!!

Also of note in this picture Mr. H is doing his Jason Statham impression, in my personal wifey opinion I think it is pretty good!

The rest of the weekend was filled with hamburger eating and drinking of the Budweiser we found at ICA Maxi that actually comes from America and not the kind at systembolaget that is made in England.

We also played a super awesome game where as Mr. H made 5 new Spotify playlists, be our friend we have tons of playlists, from Rolling Stone magazines top 500 songs and then I would try and guess the artist and song name. I had about a 80% accuracy rate and surprised Mr. H twice with my knowledge of a Daft Punk song and then a Fats Domino song, other then that he laughed at how fast I guessed Kanye West’s Jesus Walks and Muddy Water’s Mannish boy but I have some crazy knowledge in my head just waiting to get out!!

Lastly I wanted to say thanks to Tabitha for blogging about PicMonkey which is totally awesome and free and has let me make all of these awesome pictures in today’s post. I plan on using it up a ton this summer while I hid indoors from the evil humidity lurking outside!


Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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