Wooohooooooooooo It Is Friday!!! Dance Around!!!!!!!!!!

1. I am beyond excited that it is Friday, Mr. H has a three day weekend and we have all sorts of fun planned for it. First on our list is a slumber party for Saturday, this is when we buy tons of candy, chips, and general junk food then do movie marathons. We will intersperse this with card playing and beer drinking which I think will result in a top notch time!

2. I am going to my first European bachelorette night tonight and I am super nervous. I have no idea what to wear or who beside the bride and her sister in law will be there. Also we are taking the bus at 4:30 which will get us to Helsingborg around 5 and our dinner reservations are not till 7!!!! That plus the fact I have been awake since 5:49 is making me think I should stock up on some red bulls so I do not fall asleep in my spaghetti!!

3. This was a real bad picture of my mom and me, like seriously we we were at a baseball field for six hours at my brothers game then went out for drinks so we were looking bad, and I was messing around with it and in this silly over exposure you can really see  how we resemble eachother.

4. And this is a picture of my brother sliding into home base like a pro!

5. And now since I have already cleaned the house, done the dishes, showered and written this post before 8:20 I am going to the store to get fresh buns for breakfast!

Have a super awesome dance filled weekend!!!!


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