My Trip Home: Part 1 – Full of Ridiculous Pictures of Me!

Ok are you ready for the California food pictures??

When I blogged that I had only food pictures I kinda thought I was joking but when I came home and uploaded the pictures it was sadly true that 90% of the pictures are actually food! I was also kinda sad that in 12 days I only managed like 86 pictures but it seems weird to take touristy type photos of where you grew up. Luckily my grandpa made me take a few so we will start with those!

This is me on the Huntington Beach, my hometown, Pier looking like I need to pee. It was really windy but I made my grandparents walk all the way to end!

This is the picture my grandpa forced me to take, and you can tell I was ready to run the minute he was done but I am glad he made me do it!

There was no way I could walk on the pier and not eat at Ruby’s and my grandma is a sucker for milkshakes so it did not take much convincing! I am also sure my grandma would like me to point out her hair is really wind blown and does not normally look like that ;)

The giant and probably fatty but every so good chicken finger salad, seriously Sweden needs to get on board with these so I can eat them all the time!

This picture needs some backstory for sure. But first lets just imagine you are shopping and you see a girl doing this with her grandpa taking the picture would this not crack you up?? I obviously thought it was hilarious from the look on my face!!

The story is that when Mr. H first came to America he was in total shock about how big the cereal, one of his favorite foods, aisle was and my grandparents sometimes ship him surprise boxes of cereal that we cannot buy over here.

Umm so yeah my grandpa and I are really dorky is the point of all that I think!!

Lastly is a totally ridiculous picture I took of myself in the car with my first California Starbucks. My grandpa was totally laughing at me trying to take the picture which took me ages to get just right. There was something about being back home without my husband that reverted me to acting like a teenager though and this picture really shows that of!


13 thoughts on “My Trip Home: Part 1 – Full of Ridiculous Pictures of Me!

  1. I HEART this post! The pics are great and you are so right re: the cereals. I have friends that will purposely drive to Grand Forks, ND (the closest American town to Winnipeg) just to get count chocula and cookie crisp! When my cousin and I head down this weekend to run our half-marathon in Fargo, our first stop is Super Target to load up on “American” groceries! :) P.S. Also love your S’bux photo and am glad to see you were able to get a fix!

  2. How wonderful your visit , it is such a great feeling to come home and recieve so much love and the family updates….I been getting my truck ready to roll down the hwy, my apartment will be ready soon, moving some more LOL. keep the PIC”S coming I love seeing you and hearing all the joyful fun experiences you have , what a wonderful gift you share oxoxoxoxo

  3. I am so jealous! Sometimes I get the strongest cravings for cereal, all the kinds that I can’t get here. Looks like you had so much fun.
    Btw–your grandma’s hair doesn’t look windblown. Your grandparents look so sweet!

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