Lately I have been feeling a bit jumbled.

I am a lady that loves a schedule and when my mom and grams were visiting obviously our schedule went out the window. Not only that but Mr. H was lucky enough to get a promotion of sorts, which we are both really grateful for, that bumped his hours up from working 75% time to full time which means each shift is two hours longer. We are both not used to him being gone for such huge chunks of the day so this past weekend when he had Friday – Sunday off we went a bit crazy. Well not like major rock star party crazy but we did have beers, wine, mixed drinks and ooooo so much candy and take out. I declared that May was going to be candy and cookie detox month because otherwise I think my teeth might fall out.

Other then that we went to a christening on Sunday and at large social events like that it really drives home to me how much I am still out of place in Sweden. While I knew what was happening since it was the second one we have been too I still was not at ease and only able to communicate in English which left me alone most of the afternoon.

Ok enough wah wah wah me stuff.

Check out my husbands amazing knife skills ;)

I am not really sure what he was doing but I had to take a picture since it was so ridiculous!

In other less death defying acts we enjoyed the discounted gin we bought in Denmark

Hopefully this week we will get back on track and May will be great!


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