Meals on Monday – Meatballs in Sweden

On Friday my mom and grandma arrive so this week I am really focused on that and not so much dinner but this what I have so far

Sunday –

Dinner – Salmon with Garlic and Parsley Pappardelle


Dinner – Meatballs and Spaghetti – See Below


Dinner – Roast Chicken with Rice and Gravy (never got to it last week)


Dinner – Pork Chop with French Fries and Cole Slaw


Dinner – Not planned yet since we will be doing a big shop for our house guests


Dinner – Whatever my mom and grandma want but I think pizza since it is fast and easy to order


Meatballs are a big part of the Swedish cuisine but in my 9 months of living in Sweden and almost four years of living with a Swede I have never seen them eaten the ubiquitous Lean Cuisine way with egg noodles and a creamy white sauce.

There are few common ways besides being on a holiday smörgåsbord table.

One being as shown below:

This is from a trip to IKEA, my husband loves the plain boiled potato whereas I prefer mashed.

What he really loves though is the meatballs served with a side of spaghetti noodles.

Yes, this is my husbands favorite. Plain spaghetti noodles topped with ketchup and mustard. The first time he said he was going to eat this I thought he surely was joking but no this is a real thing in Sweden. I am happy to oblige as it is an easy meal for me to prepare but I just cannot get behind eating it myself.

So when Mr.H is craving this childhood favorite I use soy sauce and sriracha to dress my noodles. And funnily enough what seemed like a logical combination from my childhood Mr. H was baffled by the first time he saw me eat it.

What is your favorite way to eat meatballs?


3 thoughts on “Meals on Monday – Meatballs in Sweden

  1. The Goodfellas way! With sausage and garlic in a rich tomato sauce (with loads of red wine of course) And crusty buttery bread and…oh dear I’m really hungry!

  2. My mom raised my on jarred (or canned…) Italian tomato sauce. After marrying an Italian man I have learned how to make my own homemade sauce and it is delicious. Also, I can change it up if I’m feeling a little more garlicy one day or more for a sweeter sauce the next. Come over, I’ll make you some. ;-)

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