One Of The Many Emotions – Fear

Since I have moved to Sweden I feel my emotional level has been raised to a red alert level. Things I could do without another thought back home are filled with so much emotion here it can be exhausting. We have now been here for 8 months and things are getting easier but some things still fill me with fear that I never thought would.

I am fearful of going to get my hair cut lest what I want be lost in translation and I come out looking horrible. I could always bring Mr. H but I also fear what his boy translation would be and coming out a whole other sort of horrible. So I have been cutting and dying my hair at home, which I would often do in California but now my hair is getting really long and I think soon needs a professional.

I am fearful of taking out the trash, which sounds so crazy typing it out but Sweden has a great recycling program and therefore there are about 10 different types of trash cans in the trash area. So I am afraid I will go to throw something out, put it in the wrong bin and a stranger will yell at me.

I am fearful of buying alcohol by myself. This one actually has an easy fix, I need to get a Swedish ID, but for now I have to use my passport and I am always worried they will deny me which would be so embarrassing!

I am fearful of getting my mom and my grandma from the airport all by myself next week. It would be a 2 hr train ride by myself and then getting them on the right train and then bus to our house with all their luggage. I so hope Mr. H can get the day off!

I know that no matter where you live things can be scary and fear filled but at times I wish silly things like this would not get to me. I guess with time they will fall away as I get more comfortable with living in Sweden. Since that is the main thing with moving away it does not all fall into place at once, it takes time to build up a new life in a foreign land.


5 thoughts on “One Of The Many Emotions – Fear

  1. Planet Life ….this is scary all by it’s self…….I bet that is why we cry when we are born LOL! I think there will be scary stuff all our lives, fear is aboout not knowing the outcome of a situation……at my age I look at this as stress and worry… take a chill pill and or have another beer and laugh , like the song “Be Happy” my mother would say. your Great Grand M… of her sayings, the other one was “find your happy place” you are having an adventure and a wonderful one oxoxoxooxoxo your Grand M is excited to see you I talked with her yesterday ….

  2. I have the exact same fears about taking out the garbage in Sweden, buying groceries (lest my debit card doesn’t work!), or really doing anything at all that requires me to leave the apartment. I totally understand. Today I went to pick up my nephew from daycare alone, and I’m on a “bravery high” so maybe I can pass some along to you, for your haircut! Good luck!

  3. It feels better to hear other people having the same anxiety. I usually take out the trash but leave the recyclables to pile up until hubby takes them down to place in the right bins. As far as a haircut goes, they are so painfully expensive here that I haven’t even considered it. The girls I hang out with cut each others hair and have for years because they don’t want to pay (And they are Swedish). I haven’t let them cut my hair though and I will likely wait until I go home for three weeks in July. Doing things independently in a new country is scary. When I had to take the train to Denmark alone my husband said “You take trains by yourself since you were a kid- whats the difference?” It just is. It’s this huge unknown, even if we are strong and brave and smart. But we will all get past it!! Good luck!!

    • It does feel so nice to know you are not alone, such a great benefit of blogging, especially with the trash since it theory it seems so basic!

      In regards to my hair I ended up cutting it myself with a youtube tutorial and it worked great!

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