Betting on the Chores and Game Playing

Mr. H and I love to play board and card games. It is a great and free way to pass the time in the long winter months and living in a small town without much in the way of entertainment it makes Friday night eventful.

Since December 12 we have devoted an entire journal to our Scrabble scores. We are now on Game 103 with me winning 49 of the games with one tie. Since all the games are in one book and we can look back at past games it has really made it into a fun competition. My goal is to pass Mr. H obviously but that has not happened since Game 42 so it is not looking good for me!

In addition to our slightly manic Scrabble playing we also have three Monopoly games, Yahtzee, Trivial Pursuit, and cards. I have found Yahtzee is only really fun when drinking though since you have no shame yelling and jumping up and down when you get Yahtzee!

Today Mr. H had a day off so we settled down for some card playing and I came up with a new idea. Instead of just playing to win we would play for chores. It made the games extra fun but it needed some tweaking as the first game we played was to take the trash out and Mr. H lost but that is already his chore and then I lost the second hand which was for doing the dishes which I do anyways!

After that being a semi bust we decided that for our Scrabble game whoever won got to pick what we eat for our Fun Friday Meal. This I really wanted to win since I have been craving chili cheese fries but alas I lost so Friday after next we are having Fish & Chips, Peas and British beers per Mr. H’s win.

From now on we are going to play a game and winner is picking Fun Friday dinner and lets all cross our fingers I win next!

Do you have a card or board game you would recommend?



4 thoughts on “Betting on the Chores and Game Playing

  1. I have been looking forward to playing some board games (Mostly to get us away from our computers!), especially scrabble (Actually Alfabet- the Swedish version so I can practice my vocabulary), taboo, and carcassone. My husband loves Chess and wants a “Nice” Chess board so we haven’t bought a regular one. I have to say though- board games in Sweden are SO expensive that we haven’t bought any yet. I can’t bring myself to spend a weeks worth of food on a board game when I know back home they are only 20 dollars! I have actually been meaning to blog about this- thank you for reminding me! Its great that you play so much and try to keep it interesting- I love the food idea!

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