Letting Go and Mr. H’s New Tattoo’s

When I met Mr. H he had 7 tattoo’s, which as a non tattooed but lover of tattooed men person I was totally happy with. (that was an awkward sentence huh) Then after being in California awhile he wanted to get a new tattoo so I helped him find an amazing tattoo artist, Shorty at Outer Limits in Costa Mesa, seriously she does great work if you are in that area you should check her out. Anyways since Mr. H did not drive I took him and was there for the four tattoo’s he ended up having done there. I loved sharing the experience with him and it seemed really special to be involved in his new tattoo’s and like I said Shorty was super nice and me and her would talk the whole time. Today though Mr. H got a new tattoo and went to his old artist here in Sweden and I stayed home and let me tell you it was so hard. I felt anxious the whole time he was there and while I know it was fine it made me realize how much I liked having to help with things in California that he can do on his own here.

Ok my issues aside the tattoos turned out great so I made him pose for a photo shoot!

The new ones are the two swallows on his shoulders.

One with him smiling which is a hard shot to get so you guys are seeing it too!


2 thoughts on “Letting Go and Mr. H’s New Tattoo’s

  1. Wow, I love his tattoos, especially the sparrows! I think that’s what they call “old school” style tattoos, right? I have one tattoo, not sure I’ll ever get more, but I LOVE them on other people!

  2. Thank you from him! His newer ones are based off Sailor Jerry designs, the sun and eight ball are some of his first from about 5 or 6 years ago. I also love tattoos but do not have any and will probably stay that way!

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