To Make Things Clear About What I Do

Ever since I did the Day In The Life post I have been getting some visits to my blog via search terms I am not totally comfortable with. The main one is a day in the life of a submissive wife and I want it to be very clear that is not what I am nor do I think that is how being a housewife should be viewed.

Yes I at this time I am not working and I therefore take care of the majority of household chores, however when we lived in California Mr. H was going to school and therefore at home more and did the majority of chores. Our household is based on equality and fairness not one of the other submitting to each other.

Now I do value my husbands opinion and take it into consideration when making decisions and would never purposefully do something that I know he is against but he fell in love with me as an individual and that is who he wants to be married to not a minion that does his bidding. I find that if you are looking for that in a partner you are not actually looking for a partner or a person to be in love with and you will find no information about that here.

I understand that even normal readers of this blog probably wonder why I do not work right now and the main fact is that my Swedish is horrible. In Sweden to have any job that I am qualified for takes a high working level of Swedish which is going to take me time. Language is something I struggle with and I know other expats that have great Swedish skills that struggle to find work and since we are happy with our situation at the moment we plan on keeping it that way. In the future I will most likely work but for now we are not pushing the situation and honestly I am loving being at home.

So back to my Day In The Life post, that day just happened to be filled with chores as are many days since that is a fact of life for everyone. But some days I let the dishes pile up and the bed is not made which is fine for me and Mr. H, actually as I am sitting here typing this I have not done any dishes except the pan I needed for dinner since yesterday. Sometimes I feel guilty if Mr. H comes home from work and the kitchen is a mess because his work is hard but he does not care as long as I am happy. And knowing that my husband does not care about the cleanliness of the house over my happiness is what makes the chores so easy everyday.


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  1. I feel your pain about language skills and employment. My Dutch is actually quite good, and I am still struggling to find a job. Part of the expat life, I suppose.

  2. …I chucked a bit when I saw what people were ‘searching’ and then were directed to your day in the life post! You should see some of the things people search to get to my blog–honestly sometimes I don’t see the connection!

    …about working, getting a job..etc… those things take time, especially not knowing the language! Don’t be hard on yourself… :) with time these things WILL change. :)

    1. I know I honestly wonder about people being able to search the internet sometimes with the things that come here looking for!! I am usually glad they will not find what they want!!!

      1. I know… one of the funny ones that I get is “stinky little boy feet”…and they are directed to a post about my nephews where they put their “stinky little boy feet” up in front of the camera! lol

        but there are some ‘sick’ people out there!

  3. Bleh! I would never have assumed anything based on your post besides the fact that it’s difficult to have a job in a country where you don’t speak the language! I love reading about your life Bailie, don’t let the weirdos out there put a damper on things for you!

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