Meals on Monday – Cole and Other Slaws

This week and the next I am planning on getting the last vestiges of cold weather food out of my system and am introducing some nice warm weather food into the meal plan like chicken fajitas.


Lunch – Broccoli Cheese Soup with Cheesy Toast

Dinner – Roasted Chicken with Brown Gravy, Carrots, and Rice

Monday –

Lunch – Pytti Panna, Fried Eggs, and Beets

Dinner – Venison Shepards Pie


Lunch – Hot Dogs and French Fries

Dinner – Pork Paprikash and Cucumber Salad


Lunch – Pizza since Mr. H is getting a new tattoo and is always starving after he gets tattoo’ed

Dinner – Chicken Ramen


Lunch – ?

Dinner – Spaghetti and Meatballs with Garlic Bread


Lunch – BLT’s (same as last week but they were so good!)

Dinner – Chicken Fajitas and Refried Beans


To me coleslaw is a total warm weather food and now that we are having some sunny days I have been on a cole slaw kick. In an effort to change it up on Saturday I made carrot slaw and am now on the look out for other veggies to slaw. What are your favorites?

Here is the carrot slaw with some fries and sausages.

This is my getting ready set up, I like to have everything at hand once I start a recipe to make it run smoothly. Also using the shredder attachment on our food processor is a life savor for making cole slaw. (Doesn’t the cabbage look like half a brain?!)

Perfectly shredded carrots and cabbage ready to be dressed via the magic and speed of the food processor!

Ok tell me what coleslaw or salad recipe should I try to enjoy the sun and warmth (well to me the high of 48 is warm!)?


9 thoughts on “Meals on Monday – Cole and Other Slaws

  1. Kohlrabi and/or celeriac, (heaven knows what they are in swedish, though!) with carrot and chives, are my favourites and far less messy than white cabbage. There isn’t the heat that you get with white cabbage, either, although the taste is the same. Then mix with half and half lowfat greek yoghourt and low calorie mayonnaise.

  2. I have a great red cabbage slaw that I absolutely adore. It’s part of a recipe for black bean “tacos.” If you would like the recipe, I can send it to you. It’s a quick and easy midweek meal that we eat a few times a month.

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