5 Things You Will Never Ever See Me Eat

I love trying new foods and tend to not be overly picky as to what I eat but there are some foods that I would rather eat carpet before they would ever enter my mouth.

1. Bananas – According to my mom as a baby I would eat them all day everyday but somewhere around 3 I stopped and now just thinking about eating a banana makes me gag. It also extends to banana flavored things or banana smell, if Mr. H eats one I cannot kiss him after since they are so revolting.

2. Oatmeal – I have never ever eaten oatmeal beyond one bite, when I was a kid my mom would try everything she could think of to get me to eat it but grossssssss. About two years into our relationship I decided Mr. H needed to have some hearty warm breakfasts so I made oatmeal for him, since I never ate it I had no idea how to cook it. He managed one bite before throwing it out, apparently it was still crunchy!

3. Sill (marinated herring) – In Sweden it is really popular, what not just really popular but like a national dish which my husband loves. I however find it to be cold slimy fish in sauce and I have tried it a few times thinking maybe this next one will be the magical one but I just cannot eat it.


4. Rice Pudding – This one is all about the texture, creamy food should not also have pieces in it like this. Honestly just typing why I hate it was making me gag.

5. Cow Tongue – One time in my early 20’s I was really drunk and went to a taqueria with friends, I ate my food really fast like I do every time I am drunk and so my friend offered me a bite of his burrito. I happily took the bite and then felt ill because the texture was just not right. It was a tongue burrito and it was something that once was more then enough!

Are any of these your favorite foods? What food can you not stand?


9 thoughts on “5 Things You Will Never Ever See Me Eat

  1. Bananas I can kind of understand (even though I love them) because they are a very weird texture. I am not the biggest oatmeal person either. I put oats in my smoothies, but that’s about it. I’d rather eat cereal over oatmeal any day. Rice pudding is definitely very weird in texture. And the other two – ew, just ew. You do not have to justify not eating those 2 things!

  2. I used to think pickled herring was the most delicious thing ever as a kid. Just bizarre that we even had that in our fridge on a regular basis (lots of Swedes in Fargo, tho, so I suppose it was always prominently displayed at the grocery store). I don’t like it now, but maybe it fostered my love for sushi!

    • That is weird you had it as a kid, I had never seen it till I met my husband and we had Christmas at his parents and he fed me a giant piece in front of everyone which I had to swallow and make polite noises ughhhhhhhh horrifying! I do love sushi too but then at least you get rice and soy sauce!

  3. The sill stuff sounds disgusting… I used to eat bananas until they made me gag when I was pregnant. Haven’t been able to eat one yet. I can’t handle coconut. People will try to give me stuff and say it’s not in it or you can’t taste it. Umm… yes. I can taste it and now I will spit it out.

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