Meals on Monday – Help Me With My Eggs

This week I have lunch and dinner planned in hopes of eradicating Mr. H eating frozen lasagna at work everyday and me eating cookies for lunch!


Lunch – Egg Salad Sandwiches*

Dinner – Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes


Lunch – Pytti Panna

Dinner – Pepper and Ham Pasta Bake


Lunch – Salad

Dinner – Honey Pork Ramen


Lunch – Grillers (what I call grilled cheese to get Mr. H to eat it)

Dinner – Baked Pork Loin and Rice


Lunch – BLT’s

Dinner – Sloppy Joes and French Fries


Lunch – ?

Dinner – Spanish Sausages


So planning is all well and great but sometimes life likes to mess with you right. Well today when I went to make our egg salad sandwiches it was disaster time. I had never made hard-boiled eggs so I looked up two recipes, one from Everyday Food by Martha Stewart and one in Joy of Cooking, they said the same thing so that is what I did. What I ended up with was whites stuck the shell and semi cooked yolks that just rolled out, obviously nothing that would be able to be grated or even eaten.

So please let me know what your hard-boiled egg making strategy is, Mr. H said this weekend we are buying eggs and not stopping till we have perfect hard-boiled ones so we need help!

Also please tell me I am not the only one who cries when they end up ruining a meal!


2 thoughts on “Meals on Monday – Help Me With My Eggs

  1. Put your eggs into a pan of cold water so that they are just covered, then bring them to the boil, turn it down a little so that they simmer for about 10 mins or so. You can add salt to the water if you like just in case the eggs crack and the whites run out, but if you put them into cold water, this should not happen. Drain the water off, and rattle the eggs around in it so that they crack against each other (to speed up the cooling process), then add cold water and just leave them a minute or two to cool down a bit. Drain again – the water will be very warm. Add more cold water, take one egg at a time and roll it around between your hands. This cracks the shell all over evenly and makes it far easier to peel the egg, especially when the eggs are really fresh. Fresh eggs are far harder to peel than older ones.

    I keep chickens, so I do an awful lot of egg-cooking.

  2. The previous poster probably knows better than I if she keeps chickens, but this is what I do:

    Place eggs in a pan of cold water with enough water to keep them covered while cooking. Bring to a boil, cook at a simmer for twelve minutes. Drain the water and run under cold water for about a minute. I then knock the bottom of the egg against the counter and then roll it on its side to crack the shell.

    My mom always said that older eggs are much better for hard boiling than fresh ones. So, basically that’s everything that janerowena said! :) Good luck!

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