Sweden’s Text TV


Sweden has a unique feature which is SVT Text TV. It is almost like a live newspaper you can access via your television, according to Wikipedia it was started in 1979. On it you can access sports information, which is mainly what Mr. H uses it for, news stories, currency exchange information and other various current event type things. I personally can see why in 1979 it was useful but now with the internet being accessible just about anywhere you would think it would die out but it seems to be so integrated into the Swedish conscious that it is still alive and thriving. I have actually even seen Mr. H use their webpage rather then just googling information and you can get it in app form now!

If the country you lived in had something like this do you think you would use it?


4 thoughts on “Sweden’s Text TV

  1. I wonder if the Netherlands has something similar. We don’t have a cable connection for our tv, though, so I couldn’t really tell you. I’m too wed to my laptop to rely on tv for information. What would I do without the internet?

  2. We have had Teletext in the UK for heaven knows how many years. My husband used to turn it on every morning for sports and weather info, because I would be on the computer checking for work and school info, all sent by email here. Now, though, he uses his phone. I think for most people teletexting died out once smart phones came in.

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