Meals on Monday – A Roast Done Two Ways

Hello can you believe it is Monday again, since I hate seeing the week broken up on the calendar I switched it and now it is March in the kitchen but still snowy outside!

This week we are trying to really utilize what our freezer had since it was bill day today as well as grocery shopping day which is never fun!

Monday – Reither Goulash again just like last week but it is cheap and easy!

Tuesday – Ham Mac n’ Cheese

Wednesday – BBQ Style Kassler with Rice

Thursday – Grilled Chicken with Spinach Fettucini

Friday – Chicken Wings and Homemade Pizza – we bought a kit at the store and we are going to see if we can Americanize it!

Saturday – Chicken Milanese with Arugula Salad

Sunday – Kassler and Potatoes Au Gratin

Last week I had Goulash and French Dip sandwiches planned for the same piece of roast and it worked out great! To see the Goulash Recipe go here. Now for the amazing sandwiches, no seriously I wanted to eat Mr. H’s too and then go to the store and make it again the next day it was so good!

This is the raw piece of meat for size reference which is about half of the original 2b roast.



3 Garlic Cloves

Salt and Pepper

Olive Oil




Caramelized Onions

What to Do:

Cut slits into roast and shove in whole peeled garlic cloves, I used three to accommodate my husbands tastes but you could totally use more if you love garlic. Rub roast in oil then season all over with salt and pepper.

Cook in oven at  400 F for around 30-40 minutes until a meat thermometer reads around 130 F for rare. I wanted it really rare since I would be heating it again in the oven.

While the roast is cooking caramelize the onion for garnishing.

Once the roast is done cut into thin pieces.

After testing a few pieces secretly cut your baguettes and fill with the roast, caramelized onions, and the nicely roasted garlic cloves. Cover with thinly sliced cheese and pop bake in the oven for it all to meld together and the cheese to get melty.

We ate them with coleslaw but I think maybe French Fries would have been the way to go. Also when we sat down to eat I realized I forgot to make the au jus but they were great anyways!


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