Sunday Sound Off – Back To Basics

This week I have been trying to get back into the schedule I came up with in November. I find I blog better when I have a schedule, well really I just run everything better with a schedule so I figure why fight it.

To refresh mine and yours memory this is what I am talking about.

Monday – Meal Plan and recipes, lately I have been focusing on eating on a budget

Tuesday –

Wednesday – Swedishy and Expat Life Things

Thursday – Beer reviews and the like

Friday – Fun Facts Friday where I ramble on a subject in a list of 5

Saturday – Snapshot Saturday where I hopefully have a fun picture of the week to share

Sunday – Where we are now with my just general ramblings on the week

I hope you are looking forward to me getting back to things and like always if you have any suggestions for Tuesday that would be great!

Now to the fun things of this weekend courtesy of my husband.

Last night I was moaning about how we were chocolate and cookie free in the lovely PMS way I have while Mr. H sat quietly and listened after my lengthy diatribe his response was that next time I am going to be having my lady week we will make sure to be stocked up on all of that! For a man who changes catheters and the like at work I found it so cute he called it my lady week. Then when he came home between shifts today he brought me a giant chocolate bar and a Dr. Pepper!

In other news after spending two days on the couch watching action movies his concussion seems to be all better which I cannot be happy enough about. Also Ängelholmshem, our property management company, was great and we had a new bathroom light on Thursday installed free of  charge.


Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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