My Secret Music Loves

Most people know me for loving things like Bob Dylan and Bright Eyes, heck I even wrote my final paper to graduate about folk music, but lately things have been changing. As I have gotten older I do not care what people say about the music I like and now that we have Spotify and I can find just about anything I have been into some songs far from folk lately. These are my top 5 new favorite songs that you just might like too!

1. Coming Home by Diddy – Dirty Money and Syklar Grey this song just totally makes me happy for some weird reason. It also reminds me of dancing around my grandparents living in junior high with my best friend feeling super cool listing to Puff Daddy in our Catholic school uniforms which was obviously not cool at all.

2. Up All Night by Blink – 182 this song me and Mr. H both agree is pretty generally bad but somehow it just keeps getting played and now being sung along with and the only think I can think is the song is like some musical drug that you want to escape and cannot!

3. Burn It To The Ground by Nickelback I blame this on Mr. H since he put it on and caught me bouncing my head to the beat and then after he got me hooked told me it was Nickelback. This song though just is perfect for Friday night’s and makes me want to go out and make the most of being young.

4. We Found Love by Rhianna and Calvin Harris old me would not have even known this song was out but now I cannot get enough, seriously just try to not like this song.

5. Boyfriend by Best Coast Mr. H is really into Metallica and they are hosting a music festival this summer and this is one of the bands playing. If you like She & Him you will probably like this song or if you like oldies as it has hints of both of those.

Any songs you think I need to check out and do you love Spotify just as much as me?


Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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