Why You Need a Broom

Last night Mr. H went on a bike ride for toilet paper, super glamorous our life is, and since his bike seat is torn he had wet pants. He went to hang them up on the shower curtain rod and accidentally grazed the ceiling light as you can see in this picture.

Then in slow motion I saw the light come crashing down on his head. It was one of those moments where you brain kicks into gear over your emotions and I got control of the situation. Luckily Mr. H while getting hit on the head the glass shatter did not spray into his face. He did sustain a small scratch to the head and a decent size bump.

After getting him on the couch with ice and water, I assessed the mess in the bathroom.

A few larger pieces flew into the hallway which I got and then I was left with this and how to clean it up. We have a vacuum but there were obviously pieces that were in between picking up and vacuuming up. This is when having a broom would have been helpful. We do not have one but it is now on my grocery shopping list for next week, so I got crafty. I tore a pizza box lid in half and used that for sweeping and dust panning. It took me what seemed like ages but the bathroom was eventually glass free.

Mr. H came home early from work due to a headache and nausea so if you can keep your fingers crossed he feels better and concussion free soon that would be great!

So the PSA for the week is make sure all overhead light fixtures are secure and have a broom handy because using pizza boxes to sweep glass is horrible!


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