In Came February With a Snow Storm

On Sunday I woke up to Mr. H asking if I had looked outside, as I had just woken up I thought this was crazy talk but peered out the blinds and was greeted with this.

I was so excited since this was the first time I have ever woken up to snow like this in a place I have lived, not just been on vacation and I wanted to go out and play. We might have been the only adults out in the snow playing but it was so much fun.

We had a full on snowball fight.

Then I wanted to make a snow angel since people are always doing it in movies.

I was not the best at it and I think it looks more like it is trying to walk away vs fly but it was fun either way.

On Monday we walked to the store and the river was frozen. For some reason it really creeped me out like all of a sudden I would see a hand reach up or something equally creepy I have seen in a movie.

Now the snow is still around and I think I am ready for it to go!


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