Meals on Monday – Chili Dogs

My husband is a food collector, any time he goes for one thing as in the case on Friday, when I sent him for hot dogs and then he called me from the store asking what they look like, he came back with about three other things he thought looked good. Since he has been in full force with this lately this week we have no meat to buy for meals!

Monday – Thyme and Salvia Sausages -he found a coupon at the store for $2 off for them!- with Mash and Grilled Peppers

Tuesday – Gyros – he found the gyro meat 1/2 off last week

Wednesday – Italian Kassler with Basil Mash

Thursday – Chicken and Rice

Friday – Ribs – he got those 1/2 off too! – and Coleslaw – if you have a good recipe I would love to hear it!

Saturday – Roast Beef – also 1/2 off! – and _________ – if you have a good side for it let me know too!

As I have mentioned before I have very generous family and every once in awhile they send me care packages from the states of fun and random stuff. In our last box they sent us a chili mix that we just made this last weekend that was awesome.

This is the package and if you see it I would totally recommend buying it!

We used it on Friday night to make chili dogs and french fries, I was pretty excited since the chili on the fries we bought tasted just like the chili cheese fries from Del Taco so it was a total taste of home!

We had tons of fun eating this meal on Friday it made it feel like when you were a kid and Friday was so exciting and filled with anticipation. We decided that Friday’s from now on will be fun and silly food if we can with a few beers since life is all about the little and fun things!


Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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