On Our Plates Lately

These past few weeks we have been finding some awesome deals with the clearance food section. Now I do not know if you shop the clearance food section but you should be as it can result in gourmet meals for a fraction of the price. If we find meat I either cook it that night or freeze it straight away and it is fine for ages Also we will buy  the multi pack of steaks on clearance and then I wrap each one individually in cling wrap and then put them in a ziploc bag and it makes such an easy meal to pull out two for a Friday night dinner. The other thing that I find commonly in Sweden on clearance is cheese and since we are mega cheese lovers it has never once molded before we were able to eat it all.

The jackpot was a venison roast we bought for roughly $8 which we made with mashed potatoes and a red wine jus, which to keep costs down we used cooking wine since it is so much cheaper that way (well at least in Sweden). The picture is pre jus as while it tasted amazing it did not photograph well.

Then we found a pack of 5 steaks for around $6 which in Sweden is a mega steal so we snatched them up and used a recipe from an Everyday Food cookbook and paired it with a iceberg and rucola salad. This picture also captures our love of rice condiments!

In chicken land we made a chicken milanese with red onion and ruccola in white wine vinaigrette salad that was amazing and so simple. We even made the bread crumbs from the bread loaf heals so it was even more economical!

For this week we have planned:

Monday – Korean Beef

Tuesday – Meatball Subs

Wednesday – Kitchen Surprise – Mr. H is working nights so I just make whatever is in the fridge for myself

Thursday – Honey Pork Ramen

Friday – Chilli Dogs and French Fries – This was a special request from Mr. H

Saturday – Kassler stuffed with Mozzarella and Tomatoes with Basil Mash

Sunday – Roast Beef with Roasted Bell Peppers and Onions

Any new recipes you have been wanting to try and do you buy the discount meat?




3 thoughts on “On Our Plates Lately

  1. Very nice and what a wonderful homemaker you have become……I love to read your blog and thanks for sharing so much good stuff.I started a blog bit lost where I put it hahahahha.
    I guess no one is interested in what I have to say LOL! so just let it go.

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