The Green Bodum French Press Saga

Mr. H and I are mainly tea drinkers so we do not own a coffee pot but there were the nice weekend days when he was not working that just seemed to scream for a good cup of coffee. So for Christmas I found an amazing deal on a Bodum French Press from and felt rather smug with my awesome find that was within our present giving budget.

On Christmas morning it was Mr. H’s favorite present and I was so excited. Then we used it twice and I went to wash it and things went bad.


While I was washing this part the little green part on the top of the metal rod broke and resulted in a crack in the large green part. This was like two days after Christmas and Mr. H was at work and I totally started crying since I felt so bad about breaking his favorite Christmas present. To calm myself down I hopped in the shower and was in there when he came home and I walked out with a somber look on my face dripping wet and said I had bad news. Apparently I am a bit dramatic because he ran over hugged me and was panicing asking what happened, then when I said I broke the French Press he was so relieved it was not something like a sick family member he almost started laughing.

The great thing was though an easy fix was to be had, since I had ordered it from amazon Mr. H logged in and sent an email that it had broken after only a few uses and we were not pleased. They wrote back within a half hour that they would send a new one free of charge and pay for us to ship the broken one back.

We received the new one three days later and finally this week shipped back the broken one and received our shipping cost back the day they received it which happened to be three days later.

I am still a bit bummed that the original one broke as I love Bodum products and now am a bit wary but the customer service from was amazing and now Mr. H is the only one to wash the French Press!



5 thoughts on “The Green Bodum French Press Saga

  1. French Presses seem to be too delicate, I got through 3 in about 6 months – really sucks. Finally decided to get an espresso machine instead – more expensive, but a cool toy and haven’t had any problems :)

  2. I also have a green Bodum french press and it’s lasted for about two years now, no problems. I did have a small (like two cup) one from Bodum that I broke pretty easily while cleaning it.

  3. French press coffee is goooooooooooood, I have fallen in love with the coffee maker called Kurig and those little cute cups of coffee so you can make just one cup at a time ,my work sent me 3lbs of fun coffee so now I am cooffee just when ever I want yummmmmm.

    a friend sent me this thought I would share xoxoxoxo
    thought I would share have a great day /year and lifetime oxoxxooxoox

    POOR PEOPLE ? One day, the father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the express purpose of showing him how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family. On their return from their trip, the father asked his son, …’How was the trip?’ ‘It was great, Dad.’ ‘Did you see how poor people live?’ the father asked. ‘Oh yeah,’ said the son. ‘So, tell me, what did you learn from the trip?’ asked the father. The son answered: ‘I saw that we have one dog and they had four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night. Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon. We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight. We have servants who serve us, but they serve others. We buy our food, but they grow theirs. We have walls around our property to protect us, they have friends to protect them.’ The boy’s father was speechless. Then his son added, ‘Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are.’ Isn’t perspective a wonderful thing? Makes you wonder what would happen if we all gave thanks for everything we have, instead of worrying about what we don’t have. Appreciate every single thing you have, especially your friends! Refresh their perspective and appreciation. ‘Life is too short and friends are too few.’

    gives us a lot to think about ooxxx to you

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