The Worst in Women Hygiene Products Packaging

A few months ago we went to the Swedish Walmart and I stocked up on things you have to buy as an adult but suck buying like dish soap and tampons. I feel lucky that the type of tampons I like to use are sold here because we all know how switching brands with those is somewhat traumatizing. In the area of panty liners though (second post about them about on my blog which is odd ) any type will do so I just grabbed what my husband said was some and threw them in the closet.

I finally (well not finally but whatever ) needed to use them this weekend and realized they have the worst packaging ever!

And here in all its red glory is the package! Notice the panty liner in the middle there, fine lets you know what it is but tell me what are those squiggly lines doing in it?!?!?!?!?!

I am not sure if they have updated the packaging in say the last 20 years but it does suggest via the Ny Kvalitet that they have ” a new breathable quality” so I would think they have to be semi new!

So if you saw this would you want to buy them?




4 thoughts on “The Worst in Women Hygiene Products Packaging

  1. I just got your post in my email and I have to say–it has made my crappy day a little less crappy! Thanks for the Monday laugh :)…and wtf is with those weird airy “stink lines (for lack of a better phrase)?” bahahah!

  2. I guess pictures have a thousand words! or they are worth a thousand ? OH well , I guess for sure it must be strange for them who come to ur country and are looking for products the need …..OMG what a shock!!!!!! glad I am where I am strange enough to just be in another sate, and to be where you are in another country WOW! WEEEEEEEEEEEE
    in some way the feelings might be the same ,you only see strangers and have no idea where anything is …..eventually you get to where you are going and home agin to be safe.
    oxooxxoxox life is a real adventure then you wake up and want to go home, and only discover home is in your heart and it goes every where you go , have fun and laugh.

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