Brussels 2012 – The Last Bits and Bobs

We left us being weirded out at the little boy peeing statue and Mr. H needed to go to the bathroom in a real bad way. The thing was we knew we were in the over prices touristy section of town so he needed to just hold it in till we could find a normal priced place for a beer and his bathroom needs. So we walked and walked then realized within a few minutes we would be at the amazing bar, Moeder Lambic, that we had gone to the day before. We figured this was a no brainer and so we returned and were rewarded generously!

We ordered this amazing cheese and meat platter that came with a basket of warm sourdough bread and only since it was our anniversary did I share with Mr. H. I wanted to take this platter and have an affair with it it was so amazingly good.

We also did a bit of beer drinking and while I had just been guessing at what to order before I decided to describe what I liked to the waiter and let him pick out what to drink. He did wonderful and each beer was better then the last one until Mr. H decided to try the infamous spontaneous yeasting beer. So it came and Mr. H had about four sips and declared it the worst thing he has ever had and I declared him a baby and said I would drink it since beer should not go to waste. I lasted about 6 sips before I begrudgingly admitted defeat, it was like stale flat sour cider with sewer water mixed in.

The next day was our last and we very sadly headed home. Not before stopping in a little cafe and having a farewell beers!

Overall we loved Brussels and want to return to Belgium soon, like I would have already gone back if I could because it was so fun.



2 thoughts on “Brussels 2012 – The Last Bits and Bobs

  1. Looks like you had an awesome beer-tasting adventure! :) I might be slightly jealous, as I’m sitting in my DRY community!

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