On My Mind and Now Onto the Internet

- Things have been a bit tense around here lately, Mr. H works in an elderly care facility and they are moving the rehab wing to the hospital (they are both run by the city). However since it will be at the hospital the qualifications are different so some jobs will be lost and the jobs are like tenure positions so we are not sure what will be happening after March. We are hopeful as it is the same company Mr. H worked for before he moved to America so he has like 2 1/2 yrs with them. Also good is he gets paid once a month so at the end of March he will get February’s money then the end of April March’s, it is a weird system, either way with it all working out and him being able to do substitute shifts it is fine but just falls into that life is annoying sometimes category.

- On a more happier note we are getting a new TV this weekend, well as long as the one we want is still in stock. For his birthday Mr. H asked for money towards a TV since the one we have is 8 yrs old and when you turn it on it flashes red dots like crazy and uses up tons of electricity. Anyways everyone was really generous so we are able to get the TV using just birthday money. I have been shown a millions pictures of TV’s and told there info this past week though and my fake interest in really waning, all I care about is that the new TV works and does not include the strobe show ours now has!

- Ages ago I did a guest post at Our Wired Lives and I have been meaning to tell you guys to check it out but kept getting sidetracked. I suggest you go check it out today if you have not already seen it though since it features a really awkward picture of me from high school which are always awesome to see right!

- This one is for if you live in Sweden and are American mainly but perhaps it will apply to someone else somewhere! If you have been missing that distinct sour taste of sour cream that the creme fraiche and gräddfil just do not have try the lactose free ICA brand creme fraiche. We used it last weekend to make dip that my sister in law could have too and it had a real good tangyness that I have been missing!

- After years of saying I did not like the show How I Met Your Mother me and Mr. H started watching it since my sister in law had the DVD’s and now I love it. I hate when I have to eat my words like that but we watched season 2 in like 4 days and are now through disc one of season 3 and I cannot wait to get all caught up! The only reason I can think of why I did not like it is I saw most the first season when it first came out and I was at a weird place having just broke up with a long term boyfriend so maybe that over shadowed it but either way I am now 100% on board with it!

- In Brussels we went shopping a little and I bought the most amazing cardigan that I may have worn almost every day since we have been back! It is from New Look and they have great shipping prices for the EU which I am super stoked about and you can shop is USD but I am not sure what the shipping is. And this is the extremely awkward picture Mr. H took of me in said sweater for you viewing pleasure!


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