Mr. H’s Birthday Weekend 2012

Well if you follow my on Twitter I am sure you heard that Mr. H had his birthday last weekend due to my whining. If not basically what had happened is my in laws invited us to their house for a birthday dinner then texted us the next day and changed it to our house. Unfortunatly we do not have room for 7 adults and a baby to have dinner so it was down to cake and I felt bad for Mr. H. In my family my grandparents always give a pizza party and the birthday person gets to pick whatever they want to have instead of pizza, my mom always chooses steak and sauteed mushrooms and my little brother orange chicken whilst I go for shrimp. So anyways I was feeling bad for Mr. H he was getting the shaft with just cake. Then I realized the cake I wanted to make had ingredients I could not buy here and his sister is lactose intolerant and his mom is allergic to nuts and I basically melted.

Finally though I pulled up my big girl panties and found an recipe for Apple Brown Betty that satisfied everyone, well not me since I do not eat fruit but whatever, and it was a success. My mother in law ended up being sick and staying home but the next day on Facebook, yes my husbands family communicates well, complimented my dessert saying my sister in law gave it rave reviews.

I also made some dip with ranch packets we were sent as part of our Christmas package and used lactose free creme fraiche which tasted great. Then we cut up carrots, celery and put cherry tomatoes out with it, funnily enough my older sister in laws boyfriend did not even know what celery was and he is 24 and my 17 yr old sister in law had only had it one other time! I think of celery as so basic but apparently not in Sweden!!

Then on Saturday Mr. H’s actual birthday he had to work a 7:30 – 12 :30 / 4:30 – 9:30 shift but we made the most of it!

In his break we had leftover veggies with dip, cheese, salami, baguette and tea while playing Scrabble. It was really fun but even though it was his birthday I still won the first game we played!

All in all it was a great day and we talked about how much birthdays change when you get older, also with our anniversary the week before it does take some of the zing away which I want to work on for next year!



One thought on “Mr. H’s Birthday Weekend 2012

  1. Happy new birthday year Mr H …..I know what a great family tradition you Grandma has started, and a very wonderful woman I might say so happy she is my sister. I have been so bad about keeping with the birthday thang! I been living away from the family so long. funny and DOB is my business UGH! I am so silly . well it is 10:30 AM here and I have my coffee and muffin and itunes classic radio on and loved reading your blog. I am in AZ as you know and staying with my friends while I am on the list for house in Katherine Hights, yep have to wait till may /June .You might say I am house and dog sitting cuz they are away ,not a fun away their daughter Valeria is very very sick and is in the ICU now for a week,she has taken ill around Dec 1st. not looking good but we hope for the best for her she is a fighter.she is 48 and has a lot of health issuses. I am sorry Mr H ‘s mom is sick.I think the most important thought is you are married now and can start your own family traditions nothing but clear road ahead for you and Mr H and any faimily plans you want to make….go woman ! oxoxoxoox from the old Great Auntie…

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