Brussels 2012 – Where We See All The Big Sights – Day Two

We left off with amazing German food and start with what we thought was a free breakfast. I have no pictures of it but basically when we checked in we had the understanding we were told where the free continental breakfast would be happening. So we got up and made our way to the room and there was a huge spread and we ate what we wanted and went about our day. That night when we got back though I was reading through the stuff and realized we had not had some free breakfast but a 12 Euro each breakfast which was not at all worth it, so lesson learned before you put the food on the plate make sure you are eating the free stuff!

Anyways the plan for the day was to see all the big tourist sights plus have more awesome beers. We had a small map that we tore out of the airplane magazine, what we needed it, and a general plan of buying the cheap Metro day pass and not sleeping till it was done. We took the cavalier approach of getting off at the station with the word central in the title and going from there. It worked great and we stumbled on what was a breathtaking view of the city.

As I said we had no real plan except seeing “the sites” so when we came across this amazing looking building we were very intrigued.

As we got closer to it we could see people inside so we got even closer and realized it was a music museum. I love museums and Mr. H loves music so with no place else to be we went in to see how much it cost. At only 5 Euro a piece plus free coat check we thought it a steal. It was filled with musical instruments from all over the world and some over 500 years old which fascinated me and they also had listening stations. When you walked in you got a pair of headphones then at the exhibits you could plug in and hear what the instrument would have sounded like. For anyone that likes music history I would highly recommend visiting if in Brussels.

It is hard to see but the building on the end of the street had a giant sign that said 2012 so I wanted a picture so here is Mr. H looking fairly awkward! Following this picture we did some more aimless wandering and found a small antiques market but I was to scared to buy some great thing that would break on the way home! Then we ate lunch at a so so place but the building was a great  Belgium one that was three stories and we sat all the way at the top next to the window. With our great view we watched a rap music video being filmed that was top notch free entertainment!

All day I kept thinking we were going to see a Grand Palace, you know where we could go in and see palacey things and so on. Well apparently it was called The Grand Place and is actually a giant square with building surrounding it that are hundreds and hundreds of years old. It was actually pretty amazing but a Grand Palace would have been too!!

Next we saw the creepiest famous thing ever. I mean it is a little boy peeing and your hear that and think well lots of statues are naked so really what could be the big deal. Well I found it creepy and you can see from my face in the picture!

Needless to say after fighting crowds to see a little boy peeing statue beer was needed!


3 thoughts on “Brussels 2012 – Where We See All The Big Sights – Day Two

  1. I love it! but I know I would never go there LOL. I do enjoy you sharing all your adventures and the photo’s are great it is like I am there with you ….what a wonderful life you have choose for yourself and Mr H is a sweetheart oxoxoxoxoxoxo keep the blogs coming I love them oxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. You did it all wrong – the trick is to get the photo just right so that it looks as if he is peeing on your head!!! Someone changes his clothes every day, he must have almost 1000 outfits by now as people keep on making them and donating them.

    I loved Belgium, my in-laws lived there and we spent a lot of time there. If you ever get further afield, try Bruges.

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