Brussels 2012 – Where My Bangs go Funky and Moeder Lambic – Day One Part Two

Ok so we left off with us being awake for about 12 hours and slightly tipsy since those Belgium beers we had at lunch were mighty high in alcoholic content.

When faced with this situation you do the smart thing and follow the directions to the bar, Moeder Lambic, we found online. Now when we looked at the directions online it seemed like a short walk and since we do not own a car are used to walking and so it seemed like a good idea. So seemed is the key word as the walk was a little further then we anticipated and we arrived looking like a hot mess.

Exhibit A:

Why yes I love being on vacation in the super fashionable Brussels with my bangs looking they were attacked with a curling iron and sweat. Either way though we had found the bar and we were happy campers and then we were happy eaters when this arrived.

For only 6 Euros we received this platter of warm sourdough bread with an amazing cheese spread that had scallions in it and then a nice salad with vinaigrette! I was basically licking the plate clean in the classiest do not look at my since I am a tourist way I could manage!

On the menu you could order a litre of beer, so Mr. H being the beer lover he is decided to go for it. Then he realized that he was the only one that ordered that for himself and felt a bit silly but it was cheap so I did not care!

After we drank all this we thought maybe it was time to fine some dinner and so we took the Metro back to our hotel area. What we did not realize was that our hotel in the Euro district while nice had very little open around 9 on a Saturday night. So we did the desperate tourist thing and walked up and down streets peering into windows for people in a restaurant. After about maybe a half hour we found a little corner restaraunt that sounded full of happy people so we went in. And man o man were we in for a yummy surprise.

It was a little German restaurant and the food was honestly so good I could have ordered a second dinner. Also my paternal grandmother is German and it was the best German food I have ever had next to hers. Mr. H ordered a schnitzel that came with fried potatoes and a creamy mushroom sauce.

I ordered a stroganoff and had the option of what sides and chose dumplings. I love love love a thousand times over dumplings and it is hard to get them right and tasty in my opinion and these ones were just perfection.

After stumbling across this gem of a restaurant we stumbled to bed so we could do it all over again!


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