Brussels 2012 – Where We Kick Vacations Booty – Day One Part One

For a brief moment lets backtrack to fall of 2010 and my bridal shower. My Maid of Honor made up an about Bailie questionairre for one of the games which featured these two questions and answers among others.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? Belgium

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? Beer

See those two questions went hand in hand I have always been a beer drinker, well you know since I was able to drink not like when I was 10, and Belgium makes amazing beer what could be better.

Now back to 2012 and our one year anniversary trip! We jam packed everything we could into the short amount of time we were gone and I am super excited to share it as I absolutely loved Brussels and want to go back one day with more time!

Saturday 7:15 AM – Walk to train station

Ok this is not us actually walking but I always make Mr. H take a picture of us before we leave for any trip so here we are up bright and early ready to go!

9:20 AM – Arrive at Copenhagen Airport

Due to where we live it is easiest to fly out of Copenhagen Airport but that still means a train ride of about an hour and a half! Luckily due to it being early on Saturday morning we had most of our car to ourselves for the journey.

It was about 10 by the time we were all through security and everything and were overjoyed with some Starbucks, they do not have them in Sweden so it was nice to have a taste of home!

After that we still had quite some time before we boarded but Copenhagen Airport is like a fancy mall, seriously if you ever need to have a lay over in Europe I suggest making it here, so we were entertained and found a fun snack.

This is a moose sausage stick. It is hard to read but it tasted yummmmmmm. Also though when you buy something like this is the airport and it does not have a tear tab thingy and you have to use your keys to hack into you just might attract some stares.

4 ish PM – Taken plan trip to Brussels, Taken bus trip from airport to hotel, Checked into hotel, Taken metro to shopping street, and eaten lunch and had two beers each

I told you we kicked but on vacation this year!

After all the walking and the long day we joined one of the many long lines and got our first Belgian waffle. It was heavenly or as this picture would seem enough to make you go crazy!!

It took us about a minute to inhale the waffle and with the sugar jolt we explored some more of the shopping area. We stumbled across a Waterstones, a British book chain, that was completely in English and about screamed with joy. While Mr. H will read a book in Swedish he prefers to read them in English, I know he is weird and prefers his second language, and I only read in English so it was like a little piece of heaven to look around.

Then we took a momentous trek which I will share tomorrow!



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