Way Back in 2011 – Top Moments and Some Blah Blah Blah

January for some reason is just not inspiring me to blog. The weather has been a bit bleh and so has our health and I think it is all just getting me down. Or at least just making me want to curl up on the couch and play games and watch tv really and blogging is hard when doing those things.

I also for some reason lost motivation to write about the wedding. I do not know why but it just seemed I had not that much to say about it. Maybe I will post some of my favorite pictures laster this week but who knows.

So there is all that which is not very fun but this weekend we are going to Brussels which I am very stoked about. What we have planned so far is go to Forever 21 (we do not have any in Sweden and cheap clothes are my favorite), go to Delirium Cafe a bar that is supposed to have 100′s of beer, go to Moeder Lambic another bar that is supposed to have tons of specialty Belgium beer, and an American sports bar since they are supposed to have hot wings and we have not had any since we moved in June.

I at first was feeling a bit lame about going to an American bar in Belgium but then I talked to my friend who is a fellow Expat and she was all excited about it and said if she was going somewhere with a British store she would be there in an instant. So know I am excited about and hopefully there will be other Americans there since it has been about six months since I have talked to one in person and it would be nice.

The only other real plan I have is to find a poster or nice postcard that we can frame. We had planned on doing traditional anniversary gifts and year one is paper and I thought it would be really cool to have something from Belgium maybe in Flemish on the wall.

Ok and since all that was really not thrilling here is one of my favorite moments about our wedding!

I wore some really nice soft gold heels for the wedding and our pictures. I never really wear heals so I was not sure how well I would hold up in them so I packed my favorite Volcom slippers just in case. When we got in the limo I got them out of my bag and tried to put them on. As you can see my dress had a very full bottom and a corset back so I cold barely even touch my feet while trying to sit in the limo. So as one of Mr. H’s first husbandly duties he had to shove my slippers on my feet. It is kinda hard to tell in the picture but these slippers are almost like a pair of TOM’S super comfy once on but a pain in the butt to get over your heel.

Once I had them on I was so much happier and thought well my dress was altered to my shoe height so no one will know. Actually though I had to hold up my dress to walk due to the difference in heel height so everyone knew I was wearing slippers for the reception. Also they were slippery on the dance floor and I kept sliding during the Father Daughter dance!





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