Pre-Wedding Hockey Night

We were really lucky that Mr. H had his parents, two sisters, two friends, and uncles family come out to California from Sweden for our wedding. I at first had big ideas of planning tons of activities to do while they were here which gradually turned into a hockey night. I realized that for us it was just not possible to organize all the moving parts of multiple outings so  once that was decided I focused all my energy into the hockey night.

We chose to see The Ducks as my Father in law would be driving them and I did not want them getting lost on their way to Staples Center. When we first started planning the trip I contacted the group ticket sales person and while emailing back and forth with her on what would work for us I came up with an idea. I asked if we could our name on one of the big screens and she totally agreed to it!

It was so exciting sitting with our family and then pointing out our names were being shown for everyone to see. The rest of the game was kinda not that exciting to me or my mom but the Swedes all loved it and that was my hope!

I do not have that many pictures of the night but I found this one and I have no idea what that face that Mr. H is making is about but lets hope he does not make it often!

Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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