The Bachelorette Party with the Naughty Stuff

We had tons of fun in New York but my bridesmaids decided we needed a party with a bit more naughtiness to it so the week before the wedding they descended on my apartment with food, drinks and undies!

There was me and three of my bridesmaids and one friend that was in town from Sweden and let me tell you 5 is enough to have a loud and fun party!

First my maid of honor showed me my ribbon bouquet which is a technique I used for hers, it is a styrofoam cone and ball put together then the ribbon is pinned on with straight pins. Makes it easy to construct and hold and pretend toss which me and my little brothers thought would be fun right before our rehearsal and then the ribbon started flying off and my mom yelled at us while we cracked up!

This was our first game, Pin the Junk on the Hunk, and those yellow stars are post it notes since we did not have any tape but I think they really classed it up! ;)

Here is an extremely awkward picture of me playing the game and it cracks me up so I thought I would share since I am nice like that. We also played a game where each person brought a pair of underwear for me and I had to guess who brought what pair.

As a joke my MOH bought me this veil pair, which on looked like I was pooping out a veil!

We ended the night with food and laughter and now that I am away it is a night I really cherish.


One thought on “The Bachelorette Party with the Naughty Stuff

  1. well for heavens sake …this is so funny, nnow when I got married , what a life style change …I got pots and pans and dish cloths and recipe books hahahahhahaa and some old married housewifes telling about the honey moon night hahhahahaaa times have canged I am happy for your wonderful time shared with your friends and family oxoxoxooxoxxo

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