Bachelorette Party in New York

As our 1 year wedding anniversary is rapidly approaching I thought I wanted to do some blogging about our wedding since I was not blogging then. It will mainly be the things I really enjoyed and my favorite pictures it seems I am feeling sentimental about it and hopefully this will be fun!

I had two bachelorette parties which were very different from each other. The first one was a girls weekend away in New York with two of my bridesmaids and my mom, my grandma, three aunts, a cousin, and two of my cousins friends (which I did not invite!). We were really lucky since my aunt works for Hyatt and stayed at The Andaz on Wall Street, the place is amazing and had free wine every night. Free wine on a bachelorette weekend could not really get any better in my book!

One our first day my bridesmaid who I have been friends with since 7th grade told me her mom gave her money to take me out for a fancy drink at somewhere we could not afford ourselves. We were super excited and with no real idea where to go we just picked a place we had passed that seemed really fancy. Well we walk in the door and the hostess gives us a look like we are out of our league and asks if we have reservations, I am at first puzzled as we just want a drink but say no in my nicest voice and try to stand up straighter. The hostess responds with a withering look and says they are booked for the day and just stares as if that is going to deter me. I respond that we will just be at the bar and for her to have a good day.

Once we make our way to the bar we see however that those seats are a hot commodity as well but I was so annoyed by the hostess I was going to have a drink in that damn bar if it killed me. Luckily I had years of bar going under my belt and was able to maneuaver some seats and fit in an extra bar stool where one would not normally be. Feeling quite triumphant in our feat we decide we will order a bottle of wine as we are not going anywhere soon now. I know nothing about wine so I let my bridesmaids order something that we were able to sample. Then the bottle came and the bartender poured us a glass and walked away. This is where we really got back at the snobby hostess though as the bartender gave us the wrong bottle, my bridesmaids figured it out really fast so I chugged my glass before the bartender figured it out and gave us the right one.

So that is restaurant 0 us 2 so far as a free glass of wine in a place like that is enough to make my day. Then the day got even better. While we were sitting and talking in what we thought were quiet lady like voices we were actually being quite loud and an older gentleman a little down the bar asked exactly who was getting married. I very shyly said I was and then he ordered us a bottle of champagne.

A whole freaking bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rose!!!

I was about ready to get up and dance around that bar, I did not obviously but it was such a nice gesture and the gentleman left shortly after with only wishing me the best luck in my marriage and declining to take a picture with us.

When we got back to the hotel more than a little tipsy we told our story and my aunt was looking at us kinda funny. She was like so you guys have never heard of that restaurant and when we all were like no but it was really nice she started laughing and apparently it was in an episode of Sex and the City with a snobby hostess!

One our second day my bridesmaids and I were walking to the subway and saw all these pictures taking pictures in this spot and we were like ummm maybe we should too. So we stopped and asked this group of students to take our picture and we figured after we could see why everyone was doing it. They turned out to be foreign exchange students and told us the building was The New York Stock Exchange building, needless to say us three college graduates felt really dumb but still got the picture!!


6 thoughts on “Bachelorette Party in New York

  1. I love hearing this story, and I loved hearing it the first time from 3 very tipsy girls, and if I didn’t know better I would have thought you were just telling me the plot to that “Sex and the City” episode, and fyi the name of the restaurant was “Balthazar”.

  2. That is a great story! I always love when the snooty folks lose and the good people win. If I had a glass of anything, I would raise it in honour of your “win.” Oh and how was that champagne?

  3. What a wonderful expeirence …I have a client who has a loft close to where you all are talking about , he is very $$$$$$$$$ and I have done his chart for years he is in the stock market busy-ness and is self-employed hhummmmmmmmmm I get to hear stories alll the time about the BIG APPLE LOL. now I wonder if that might have been him who bought you the Champane.. soounds like something he would do…..I will ask him oxoxoxooxHis name is Eric and he has wanted me to come see him but I have not been able to find time and I hate to fly. I have a ticket waiting when I want and he has my room wating for me LOL.. guess I could get someone to put me on the plane after I drink a bottle of wine hahahhahahaa, bet that would look good for a drunk 72 yr woman to be poured off a plane in NY hahahahaha what a hangover and then I would have to come back too!

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