Christmas Time in Sweden

Hello, Hello! (Said like John Cleese in Fawlty Towers)

I had been waiting to take pictures of snowy Sweden for a Christmas post then whamo bamo it does a big snow and my camera is broke!!

Not to fear though I have pictures pre snow to share and for a full low down on Swedish Christmas Traditions visit my guest post over at hernewleaf then also check out all the other Christmas fun Kira has been posting (also lets be jealous she is in sunny California!).

Ready for pictures in 3, 2, 1….

This is a traditional bakery in town, I loved the decorations. I think it looks like what people would assume all of Sweden is like.

This was our first snow day, it melted within 20 minutes though!

Most people in Sweden do not put lights on the outside of their house/apt but as you can see this person loves them some Christmas lights!!! Their whole balcony was like a mini National Lampoons Christmas Vacation tribute!

In the back hiding you can see our Christmas lights, 98% of houses in Sweden will have those in their windows for December. We have two for the living room and I love looking out and seeing them shining from other windows. On the table is our Advent Candle, it is numbered 1-24, since that is when they celebrate Christmas, and you burn it each day till it is all gone.

Last but not least is our sad little tree. We both wanted a nice proper Christmas tree but logistically with no car and living on the second story getting said proper tree into our place was looking rather tricky. So we settled for this fake two footer! I think it is quite funny and two presents that would normally be stocking stuffers due to their size are under it!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Time in Sweden

  1. How do you break a camera? the pics are great and your xmas tree is fun, living in apartments limits having a great ree I know I did have a nice patio and the big glass sliding door so one year I put a big tree out side in fornt of the door lights and all have to say the tree lasted a lot longer …..put the presents in front of the tree on the loor kid of 3D look . you will have fun all cozy with Mr H hugs to you both.

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