Getting a Laugh From Old Technology

Today the #WEverb11 prompt is:

Tell us about your biggest belly laugh in 2011.

When we were living at my in laws I was laying in bed watching Mr. H run around the room getting ready for work. Like everyday he could not find his wallet and asked me where it was. I looked up and pointed towards the TV area he walks over there and says he cannot see it. So I sit up and exclaim “Right there on top of the VCR!!!!!!”

He just froze and looked at me and then I started laughing and could not stop. I have no idea why I said VCR I have not owned a VCR in years and it very clearly was a DVD player but you now when you are half asleep and you just say stuff without thinking, well that day I was apparently in 1995.

All that day I kept thinking about it and cracking up so later that night my 17 yr old sister in law asked what we were on about. So I told her and she was like a what???? Then in Swedish Mr. H explained that is was the thing you played a VHS on she was still confused! Her confusion just made me laugh more about how I am old and referenced a VCR!!!



3 thoughts on “Getting a Laugh From Old Technology

  1. I think you have a great sense of humor, laughing will keep you young at heart and when the heart is happy your spirit grows in a healthy way. it is funny to become aware of the changes we have seen in a short period of time. I wonder about my grandmas one day there is no planes and before they pass there are Jets ,I wish I would have thought to ask her Nana Zee. miss her so much oxoxoxooxxo

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