Sunday Sound Off – Christmas Week Edition

– Once again today is laundry day, but since that means I will not be going anywhere this morning and afternoon  I can wear my favorite jeans that have holes. I can also wear my TOMS to walk down the laundry instead of having to wear my boots. I am sick and tired of wearing my boots, basically everyday since the start of November I have worn the same pair of boots. When Winter is over I am going to be perfectly fine shoving them into a dark corner and not looking at them again.

– The other day Mr. H received a text from a friend that his fiancee and her friend are throwing a New Years Eve Party that was going to cost 200 kr per person ($28 or so) for a buffet and that you would still need to bring most of your own drinks. For one we were baffled at this and two we were happy we were able to decline. Mr. H has to work a double on New Years Day so we were already planning on staying home and having a fancy dinner just the two of us and now we are so happy because I just hate the idea behind paying for unspecified food and partial drinks!

– I am all done Christmas shopping for the year and it feels really strange that it did not include a Target visit, but without having an awesome one stop shop I really had to think out of the box for some presents which I am proud of. Now though I am very impatient and keep asking Mr. H if he wants to open up an early present which he keeps declining like a proper adult.

– Mr. H bought a bunch of stuff to do Christmas baking and each day we keep getting side tracked and around 9 we say lets do it tomorrow. As it stands I think it is going to turn into New Years baking!

– My mom and I decided that we are going to swap presents when she comes and visits in April which I am totally fine with but she called last night to make sure that was still the plan and it was so nice to hear her concern that I knew she was not ignoring me since I am not at home. What is funny though that after our talk one of the items she is planning on bringing is Ziploc bags since I cannot get them cheaply here!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sound Off – Christmas Week Edition

  1. I cna imagine moving to another part of the world is life changing, to asy the least. I know moving to another state what I feel and go through , you would be surprized hunting down some of you favorite things are just as hard to cope with . well zip bags are everywhere here LOL. but someone to cut your hair OMG and fix your car OH well!I This will be the first time I have never made xmas gifts and or bought any , guess there are lots of first in my future ,at least I started at 72 matter how old or young you are you still hope for everything to be what the heart desires. cherrish these moments and add them to the memory collection..I sure hope I have my thoughts when it comes time to get to the other side….hahahahaa at least I will take those thoughts ,the way I remember them with me and that is all that is important . oxoxoxo you have so much and you both are loved so very much.

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