#WEverb11 – Persevere – Day Sixteen

Today the #WEverb11 prompt is:

Describe something that disappointed you in 2011 and how you persevered.

I have been disappointed this year that when we lived with my in laws they did very little to incorporate us into their lives. They would let us know when dinner was ready if they cooked and once or twice took us on a shopping trip with them but besides that it was like we were not there. I found it really odd and after about a month they would barely even talk to me at dinner and while I understand they want me to learn Swedish that is a long process and after a month I was not up for whole conversations in it (ok after almost six months I am still not but whatever).

If Mr. H was not so supportive it would have been hard but he kept saying that our family is the two of us and if they do not want to participate in it that is their problem. What is funny is that the first time we are going to there house since we moved at the end of September is for Christmas, and when they brought it up Mr. H said well you have not invited us and we are not just going to show up at your door.

Ahhhh in laws huh………………………

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  1. Mr H is right you and Mr H are family and creating your traditions now, I understand what you feel ,at the same time this is your new beginnings and those others are more than half way in the journey,they learned from those before them kind of like a pattern ,you can break this pattern now and create what you need to bring into your journey. I get the feeling Mr H family are having troubles with how to teach you because they are having a new experince and when we get older we tend to forget and think more about our own feelings than others. The good part is you have Mr H and he loves you dearly and you can start your own family traditions and you have such wonderful family values ,it takes time to learn from each other. Just take want you need and leave the rest behiind. You are a wonderful and caring spirit just be you. xooxoxxooxxoox

  2. Geez. The joy. I swear in-laws are so hard to figure it out, and I’m glad that your husband has said what he said about the two of you being a family. I think it helps to have his support, and as long as he is treating you the right way — that’s already one part of the whole process that is conquered.

    I hate that they are not more receptive, accepting, or supportive of you and instead, make you feel like a stranger. I had very high hopes for my relationship with my in-laws and now I just sort of take it as it comes. It’s not easy and it sucks… but I will go insane inside and my relationship with my husband will indeed suffer otherwise. I’ve already let that happen one other time and I can’t let him have that power.

    I hope with time, things will get better for both of us or maybe we will just feel numb to it. I’m not sure what is better.

    I’m with ya girl.

  3. After so many years of feeling like a step child at the family reunion, I finally gave up and started my own traditions. We do not open our family gifts until Christmas day. I normally stay home on Christmas eve and cook dinner while the family goes to whom ever may be hosting that year, not because I want to be indifferent, but we have lived here almost 10 years and the food, venue, entertainment is ALWAYS the same. (bleh) lol.

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