#WEverb11 – Surprise – Day Fifteen

Today the #WEverb11 prompt is:

What event of 2011 affected you in an unexpected way?

Last year when I turned 25 I was in a total funk. I just felt so old for some reason and I spent my birthday in Sweden and I wanted to be at home and was generally just pissy about the whole affair. So as my 26th birthday approached I kept expecting those same emotions to come up. I was in Sweden again and living at my in laws which I was not happy about. But as my birthday approached I was really happy about it.

Mr. H had the day off from work and took my to a nice dinner in town ( I wish I was still that tan) and I felt happy at where I was in life. I think Mr. H was on edge for tears to come but happiness was the winner this year.



  1. I am moved and computer is up and running, just caught up on all my emails, uhg! 200emails ,I read your blogs, well I sure understand the emontional shifts, just part of our growth patterns , spritual beings having human experiences while on planet earth.your nature is to be happy and your wonderful smile, you share with the world is perfect. Just remember the balance with nature is the four seasons, and we are Gods flowers in the garden. blessings sweetheart oxoxooxx

  2. Life is funny that way, you start to dread a birthday but then you look back and you look at your achievements and think “wow”. It is not easy to get old but there are som many good things ahead.

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