Meals on Monday and Easy Spicy Dip

Hello things are backing up over her in the Hemborg house do to the onslaught of some flu type thing that wanted to creep in and make me function like a zombie. So our meal plan is being presented on Tuesday and I have a super basic recipe!

 December 11-16 Meal Plan

This week in my cloud (food I have that needs to be used up) I had beef and pork stew meat, chicken breast, kebab meat, and shrimp.

Sunday –  Beef Stir Fry

Monday – Shrimp Pad Thai ( was disappointing to say the least)

Tuesday – Kebab Salad

Wednesday – Shepards Pie

Thursday – Reither Goulash

Friday – Chicken Parmigiana


I love dip and buying those little packets are expensive never spicy! This is my variation of a dip my mom has been making since I was a kid and is great with everything from pretzels to topping pasta for a lazy lunch.


Sour Cream – since you are adding the flavors yourself you can make as much or little as you need

Sriracha – I use color as a guide for this as I like mine spicy so really red while my husband needs it a tad paler

Ground Ginger – a little goes a long way



Garlic – ground or fresh works just depending on how fast you want to make it


What to Do:

Mix everything up and refrigerate for at least 10 minutes to get everything incorporated. If put in a sealed container it will last for about a week in the fridge!



Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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