A List of Appreciation in 2011

First off Happy Happy Weekend with December now so far along I am sure everyone is very busy this weekend!

We had our weekend yesterday, hence day nine on the tenth, as Mr. H is working a double today and then tomorrow night. At his work a double is 7:30 – 12:30 and then he comes home, which is just a two minute walk in clear conditions in the nasty wind we have today lets say four minutes, and his second shift is 4:30 – 9:30. Lovely shift huh I bet you are very jealous ;) Also they only have these shifts on the weekend and when you have one you always work Sunday too I guess that is the medical field for you! So with his schedule as it is I have very exciting things like doing laundry and organizing the closets planned!

Today the #WEverb11 prompt is:

In which moment did you find yourself flooded with gratitude? How will you rally around gratitude in 2012?

One of my personal ethos for life is thankfulness, I  believe that when you approach life with being thankful the burdens seem lighter. I started to put this forward in my life after my family and a close friend had a huge personal loss in 2007 and life was overwhelming me.  I had to drop some classes that fall and really focus on myself and how I was to move past the tragedy around me and at 22 move forward in a positive way.

One of the largest things to come out of that was being thankful or as this post says experiencing gratitude. When I was able to wake up and be thankful for one large thing a day  like passing a test I was soon able to be thankful for more little things like having extra change for a coffee and then slowly life seemed full of possibility and excitement.

Now I am known as a person who is always seeing the glass half full and while I know that just irks some people it to me works. My husband also always know I will say thank you for the smallest things and I think it makes him go the little extra sometimes to pick me up a special soda (like American Dr. Pepper in Sweden) or text me when he is at work and a show I like is on TV because who does not like to be appreciated. And there is where having gratitude in your life comes full circle and you are being appreciated for being appreciative.

Ok so moving past my mini sermon these are times when I have felt flooded with gratitude this year:

Jan. – When my aunts had snuck into our wedding night hotel room and laid out snacks and put a rose petal heart on the bed. The room was their gift to us and the fact the took extra time on a hectic day to personalize it really made me grateful for aunts like that.

Feb. – For Valentines day I stopped at a local butcher to pick up Mr. H a present after being at the social security office so I looked a bit frazzled and the boy that helped me in the store carried my purchases to the car. I thought it was such a kind gesture of him and made me grateful that there are still strangers out that care for you.

March – My mom received a free coat from my dads friend who works for a big clothing company in Southern California and I really really liked it and so she gave it to me. I was able to wear it a little at home but it was a total life saver in Sweden, in this instance I think we often just expect things from our parents and but my mom loves loves loves clothes so I really was grateful that she loved me more to give me the coat.

April – Mr. H and I went to see one of our favorite bands play in Anaheim, they are from Denmark and to see them in Europe is really hard but you can still see them at small venues in America. They happened to be filming footage for a DVD and we talked to the producer and he took Mr. H backstage to see the production monitors and set up. Once again for a stranger to go out of their way to make our night made me so grateful and seeing my husband so happy I just wanted to hug the producer!

May – My uncle turned 50 and we threw a huge party as he has suffered some severe medical conditions and it was so great to see his family and friends surround him and show him how happy we are to have him around.

June – This one is a hard one for me to admit but we arrived in Sweden in June and my in laws let us stay with them and as shelter is a basic human need I am grateful they provided us without asking for anything in return.

July – I celebrated my 26th birthday and I was grateful to have my husband there with me on a warm summer night at the beginning of our life in Sweden.

August – We had been desperately looking for an apartment and we received a call from my sister in law that her friend needed to sublet her apartment and she said we would take it. Now that might seem presumptuous but finding an apartment in Sweden is how imagine finding an apartment in New York is, you are thinking what you can sell or how to bribe people to get in any place even if it is only 200 square feet. Then when we saw the place I have never ever been so grateful to have a sister in law as it was beautiful and right where we wanted to live!

September – My niece, my sister in laws baby, was baptized and I was grateful she had had a baby so my mother in law would stop telling me how she was the perfect age to have a grandchild and so on and so on. Being pestered as to when you are going to procreate is honestly the worst and especially when you are 26 and then tell people you want to wait the look in their eyes is not nice so the pressure being taken off from once source was gratitude plus thankfulness plus hallelujah for me.

October – In October we had moved into our apartment and were surrounded by wonderful fall trees and I was so grateful to experience the wonder of nature and the changing seasons. As a child I had always felt jipped of them living by the beach in Southern California as palm trees looks pretty much the same all year round.

November – In November we had a few dinner parties and nights out with friends and I was grateful that our lives were feeling full in Sweden. It was hard to leave our friends and routines behind and starting to have that again is a great thing.

December – This year Mr. H and I did not give each other a list for Christmas presents just a budget and I have been so amazed at how much fun Mr. H is having finding me presents. I also know since I was here when the package arrived he ordered me some things from my favorite stores and I felt so thankful for a husband that cares and knows where I like to shop or really dream of shopping.

Now for part two : How will you rally around gratitude in 2012? 

When I originally read that I was at first like Say What??? Then I got this image in my head of me running around with my fist in the air screaming GRATITUDE GRATITUDE like gratitude was playing in an intense beer pong game and I so desperately wanted him to win against his evil opponent Negative Nancy. That image is still lodged in my brain but I suppose I will keep taking each day as chance to be thankful and try and spread a little positiveness around!


Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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