Meals On Monday (or Tuesday in this case) and a Lazy Day Meal

So I realize that today is Tuesday but I really like writing out our meal plans for future reference and I want to get back on track and it makes me feel weird when things are skipped. Mr. H has been working a crazy schedule which is throwing my blogging time off and some poopy things happened to close friends at home and yesterday I thought moping about it would be better.

So that is that and a not on this week today, tomorrow, and Thursday Mr. H is working 4-9 30 so we are eating dinner really or rather as a late lunch then dinner is like a sandwich. I am not fond of this set up and hope this is the only week like it.

November 27 – December 3 Meal Plan

This week in my cloud (food I have that needs to be used up) I had chicken thighs, Knackwurst, and Green Beans

Sunday –  Reither Goulash (my moms recipe and it was heavenly) and Green Beans

Monday – BBQ Baked Chicken Thighs and Rice (in case you were curious we were distracted with Christmas shopping and over cooked the meal and it was not good, as I am not a fan of crunchy rice)

Tuesday – Knackwurst with Fried Potatoes and Onions

Wednesday – Korean Beef with Rice and Green Beans

Thursday – Baked Potato Soup with Leftover Knackwurst

Friday – Nachos (very excited about this!!!!)

Saturday – International Christmas Dinner Party

Our friends, a couple of a British girl and Swedish boy, are throwing a Christmas potluck on Saturday and I am bringing spinach dip, macaroni and cheese, and pumpkin pie. I am a bit nervous as I was advised to bring American holiday food and my mind went totally blank on something that would work for a potluck and people would eat since I did not want to waste food and my suggestion of a scalloped potato dish was turned down in a very British way of “well you know how potatoes can be if they get cold” and it is really expensive to do a green bean casserole from scratch or the normal condensed soup way.

So please wish me good luck that they like my food and I can uphold the name of American holiday food cooker! ;)


Some days call for comforting but easy to prepare food and when such an occasion arises I go for sloppy joes and frozen french fries ( I said easy!). I honestly have another reason I love to make sloppy joes and that is because Mr. H calls them sloppy hoes due to a miscommunication the first time I made them. One other thing that is great about them at least for me is they tasted the same in Sweden as when I made them in America which adds to the comfort of them.


1 lb ground meat – I really like pork or turkey for these but anything works

Onion diced

2 Garlic Cloves diced

Everything else is to taste and sometimes has to do with what I have in my fridge

BBQ Sauce

Maggi – I need to do a whole post on Maggi but it is a great seasoning sauce almost like Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce


Hot Sauce

Worcester Sauce – I use this sparingly

Tomato Paste – In American I used a one of those small cans but here it is in a tube and I just squeeze some

Herbs depending on what I have

Buns and Cheese round out the meal

What to Do:

Cook French Fries according to the package, I usually sprinkle them with salt, pepper, paprika, and red pepper flakes before cooking

Brown meat with Onion and Garlic

If really fatty meat you can drain it

Then add your choice of remaining ingredients and cook until it is the consistency you want, I tend to like them a little less runny so I cook it a little longer to thicken everything up

Now all you have to do is pile it on the buns add some cheese and take the french fries out of the oven!!


Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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