Snapshot Saturday – Extra Dough


Friday we made classic butter cookies and I could not help but want to play with the extra dough so here is our super hero H!

One thought on “Snapshot Saturday – Extra Dough

  1. I remember one year for the holidays when I lived in Idaho, Edie and Xylia were little people then I had them for the weekend and we just baked up a storm. Well I had a little table and chairs and I was doing dough , and I gave them some so they thought they were helping LOL, I tell you the dough hit the flour so many times and turned real dark and those two worked it till their was no way you could identify what the darn stuff was that dough was cookie cut somany ways LOL…sure kept them busy ya I baked the darn stuff but told them they had to wait till tomorrow when Mom and Dad came before they could eat the cookies hahaahah yep! I fixed and all was good ending …xoxoxooxxo

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