Sunday Sound Off – Wheezy Edition

– Ok so there was no Friday post since it was the first day that Mr. H had off in eight days and I was just to excited to have him home that the internet just was not that interesting. Then there was no post yesterday since I was having a small but annoying asthma attack. I am feeling better today just that feeling that I have run miles but actually have just walked across the room and sound like I smoke a pack a day! The only upside to asthma is my free pass on drinking caffeine filled soda without worry when I feel like this, o and the yummm chicken ramen Mr. H made me last night!

– In other much more exciting news Mr. H is going to be featured in our local newspaper. Each week they feature a local person that has been nominated by the previous weeks feature person for a spotlight, so it is a whole page article with picture!! So on Thursday the reporter  is coming to our house (cue me freaking out about cleaning the house) and will interview him and take a picture and then the following Thursday it will be in the paper. I also went on a freak out about what I will wear and how I need to bake cookies (ummm will not probably happen) but I am so excited.



3 thoughts on “Sunday Sound Off – Wheezy Edition

  1. As a former Fleet Streer hack I can assure you that most reporters do not care how clean a house is, as it will be cleaner than their’s, nor do they care about the quality of the baked goods, they are just grateful for being fed!

    As Frankie would say, RELAX!

  2. Whoo Hoo! wonderful I love to hear about these things of the community doing stuff with towns people ……promotes much good will.we have been getting snow just a little and I am still packing , think I am going to AZ…..I liked it there , if it stays clear of snow I might make it to Josh and Anna’s for turkey hahaha and if it stroms I will get a hungeryman turkey tv dinner and whole pumpkin pie and whip cream for the day hahahahah silly me, burrrrrr it is cold here 35 degrees ……

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