At Pisa

Since I am making Mario Batali’s Ragu Bolognese I had Italy on the mind, so I went searching through my flash drives and found this picture of me hanging out in front of The Leaning Tower of Pisa. I know it does not look quite so leaning in this picture but it was I promise!

I visited Pisa in the summer of 2008 one a bus ride between Florence, Italy and Nice, France. While there was not much else to do besides see the tower and eat gelato I still find it fun to have been there. So many things are like that though, an attraction versus an experience on vacation can be tricky. I think if you go into it without too many expectations you will be happy for the little detours!


2 thoughts on “At Pisa

  1. Wonderful pic….what a great experience ….funny how some people just cruz all over the world I am still waiting for the travel bug to bite me and have some burning desire to go out my boundaires and take in a new life treat . I am just an arm chair traveler. now I kind of just go back and forth in a thousand mile circle…boring huh! you look wonderful and happy so happy for u. hey bathrooms are all kinds LOL….what can u really do anyway !
    think I will look around for some diff beers try out a new kind once in a while….my computer is saved and I am packing up getting ready to move OUCHIE getting very hard at my age …..starting to slow down.

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