The Uglies – Book Review

This week I choose to review a series I just finished reading in October by Scott Westerfeld. The series consist of four books; Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras, the first three books follow a traditional trilogy pattern with the fourth in my opinion giving the third book a more satisfying conclusion.

On a trip to the library I discovered they have a very small YA section in English and just grabbed some books at random to see how they were. So when I got home I laid them out and thought Uglies was an odd name for a book and it must be some thing about high school angst and boys but since I have access to such a small selection I thought why not give it a try. Well I was wrong for sure! The books are set 300 years in the future after the downfall of current mankind and how the society that has been set up is a sort of regulated dystopia where ages are divided and get surgeries depending on age. The first book follows Tally, the main character, learning that maybe there is more to life than being pretty and her search for what is past the city perimeter. I tend to read fast but I finished that book in a day! Then I went back to the library the next day and checked out the remaining three which I finished in a week! The next three in the series follow how easy it is for a society to fall and the benefits of free will and how important individuality is to a thriving society and of course there is some love and good old science fiction in there too!

Scott Westerfeld did a magnificent job creating a world that was relatable even 300 years in the future and highlighted the current state of overconsumption in the current world we live in that I loved. I also loved that he made the book have slightly its own language, taking words and adding -making to them. When I was halfway through the series I was watching my husband play L.A. Noir and I blurted out “wow this is really nervous-making”, and that is when I knew these were exceptional books if I was talking like them!


4 thoughts on “The Uglies – Book Review

  1. I like this series as well! I think #2 was my favorite. I agree with you on the language thing!! I wanted to go around saying “happy making” and “totally bubbly” at everything for weeks after I read the series!!

    • I am glad I was not the only one wanting to talk like them, I was actually wishing I had a friend read them at the same time so we could use the words and then be like “O Mandy-la I am totally bubbly about living in Europe”!!

  2. Wow! sounds interesting…I could never get to reading I am stuck on my Astrolgy books and life after death just who I am ….but love to be open enough to hear about the likes of others enjoying what they love ….u make it sound like a very good read, and I might like to read something different…guess that is a good thang! I love the movie As good as it gets,where Jack nicholson says to Helen Hunt ” you make me want to be a better man” love it I am thinking of trying to read new stuff oxooxoxox

    • You should branch out, I have been by including mystery and detective books which I never thought I would like but have been reading through in days!!

      If you do read something new you must tell me about and I can try and read it too!

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