Meals on Monday – Planning and Chicken Ramen

Out of all the new things I have planned for November blogging days I think I am most excited about Meals on Monday, I love to do meal planning and share new recipes!

How we meal plan:

-Right down the days of the week then mark down Mr. Hemborg’s work schedule, then we can work out which days we need dinner, lunch or I am on my own. When he works nights I usually make fridge surprise or a salad and count those as my “diet” meals!

-Then we assess what is in the fridge or freezer that is to be used and I list the ingredients above the week days in like a cloud.

-Then we each say if their is something we are super in the mood for or have seen a recipe, from online or one of our many cookbooks, for that we are dying to try.

-As we are suggesting and deciding on meals I make the shopping list at the same time so I do not have to go back and find the recipe again until we cook it!

-In the instance we say roast chicken sounds good and I have one in my cloud on the top of the list it crossed off.

-Since we have to walk then get on a bus then walk to get to the grocery store and the bus ride can be 20-40 minutes depending on the day we have to be very precise with our list and often leave off things like soda for when we want them and walk to the local family run market store.

November 6-12 Meal Plan

This week in my cloud I had frozen shrimp, 2 whole frozen chicken, 2 frozen chicken breast, pork tenderloin

SundayBaked Potato Soup When Mr. H came home from work he said after working 20 hrs this weekend soup just did not sound good so we had Kebab roll and salad

Monday – Alfredo with Shrimp (frozen shrimp)

Tuesday – Chicken Stir Fry with Rice (frozen chicken breast)

Wednesday – Sloppy Joes and French Fries

Thursday – Roasted Chicken with Carrots and Rice (one whole chicken)

Friday – Shrimp Pad Thai (frozen shrimp)

Saturday – Pork Tenderloin Stuffed and Wrapped in Bacon with Rice (pork tenderloin)

If there is a meal here that sounds good let me know and I can do a recipe write up about it!

Recipe Review:

Chicken Ramen from the Wagamama cookbook with personal changes and notes


2 boneless skinless chicken breast – fresh chicken is freaking expensive in Sweden so we use those individually frozen breast that come in a giant bag which I would never use at home but you do what you have to

250 g ramen noodles – they are like the ones that come in top ramen and 250 g is like two packs of those for scientific reference

1 litre chicken stock – that is about 4 cups, you cannot buy canned stock/broth in Sweden so we use bouillon cubes mixed with boiling water and I have to say I like the taste better

2 pak choi – that is British English for bok choy but either way you say it we cannot buy it where we live so we go with the alternative the recipe says which is 2 handfuls of baby spinach

12 pieces menma (canned bamboo shoots), drained – do not do what my crazy husband did and buy like 2 pounds that are sealed in a bag since it is cheaper since this is actually to taste and a taste I do not like!

4 spring onions, trimmed and finely sliced – that is British English for green onions and the ones we get in Sweden are huge like cannot fit in our fridge except at a diagonal huge so we use two

salt and white pepper – we have used black and white pepper and since it is to season the chicken I say use what you like or have on hand

vegetable oil – we could not find something that said vegetable oil so we went with the Swedish rapsolja which works

What to do:

Cook noodles until just tender, they cook really fast so only about 3 minutes. Then drain, rinse under cold water, and divide into 2 bowls.

Cook seasoned chicken in an oiled pan till it is done (!) and then cut on the diagonal.

Add the spinach to the noodles then ladle over boiling stock and top with chicken, green onions, and menma.

Then serve with soy sauce and sriracha on the side!


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