Sunday Sound Off – Hair Dye, Loose Tea, and Folk Music

– On Monday we went to Ullared, the Swedish Walmart, which is an hour and a half away from us but we had friends that were going so we figured hey why not. I am not a stock up type person which is why most people go there but I did need a blowdryer and I wanted to get some heavy items like cleaning supplies so then I would not have to drag them on the bus. To my surprise the hair dye I have been wanting to get from H&M (the cheapest place in our town to get cosmetic type items) was half the price and since I have long and thick hair I bought two so I would get a more even application. So on Tuesday I grabbed one and Mr. Hemborg and I got ready to dye my hair. As I was talking the stuff out of the box I noticed it was missing a key part, the bottle of toner! I was so upset about because like I said the store we bought it from was over an hour car drive away and we do not have our own car even if I wanted to go back! Luckily my husband is a little more rational then me in times like that so why I was ranting about how my hair was now ruined he emailed the company the problem and said lets just use the other box and see what they say.

Well we heard back from them on Thursday, and I can now highly recommend Schwarzkopf hair dye, they are going to send us the bottle of toner and also a check for 75 kr ($11) which since we bought the dye at Ullared is more then we paid in the first place! I am so excited since the first box of dye just evened out my splotchy out growth and the second box should make it really vibrant red!

This is the current color which is really a rich abourn and like I said after the next box it will hopefully be a more vibrant red!

– We have been drinking tons of tea lately, with the days being mostly gray and full on darkness by 5:30 I have been averaging about three cups of tea throughout the day. I am in love with using loose leaf tea also since it does seem to have a more fresh taste and I also just like my little heart tea diffuser! I have been mainly drinking Earl Greys and African Roobios, do you have any certain tea you love that you would reccomend?

– If your are in the mood for Christmas music but not quite ready to take the leap or have but want to mix it up I would suggest Blackmore’s Night. I am actually listening to them right now and I think they are the perfect fall transition music, and I also realized as I am listening to them on shuffle they do have a few legitimate Christmas songs as well! They are called something random like medieval folk but it is Richie Blackmore from Deep Purple and Rainbow and his wife Candice Night. They also have an amazing cover of Diamonds and Rust by Joan Baez that I could listen to repeatedly!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Sound Off – Hair Dye, Loose Tea, and Folk Music

  1. That’s awesome that the company gave you a refund and are sending the toner! What a fun color!

    Mike and I think we might get into loose leaf teas at some point, but since they aren’t very popular here, it’s probably not the best time to start experimenting ;) We’re having fun grinding our own coffee beans and using our french press! It’s perfect as it’s getting pretty chilly and we like a nice big mug to warm up to (not just those tiny little espresso cups).

    • I know I was impressed with their customer service!

      As of right now we only have Lipton loose black tea and rose tea that we bought at the grocery store, I hope to get some from the tea store in town closer to Christmas.

      I also had to search out big mugs since when I drink tea I am the same I do not want some tiny little tea cup!

  2. I am WAY DIGGING your hair and can’t wait to see it after box #2. Great thinking on Hubby’s part to contact them… I feel like it’s almost always worth it!

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