October Photography Challenge – Day Thirty One – Wrapping It All Up

As I said in my last post the photography challenge had just thirty directives so I decided today I would post a few runner up pictures from this month.

This I took on the fruit day and played with the colors and saturation, I like how the red still shows through with all the other colors washed out.

This is from faceless self portrait day but I thought having my eyes in the picture sorta negated the faceless thing.

I took this on sunset day and you can see my socks and chipped railing so I did not use or crop it but I love the unedited color of the sky showing through because nature sure does do beauty better then I can.

I have tons of other pictures that I took that I will probably end up editing and using in the future. I really loved this challenge as it forced me to document our lives this past month in a unique way and I think it will keep me motivated for picture taking in November.

I read through all of your suggestions on my November planning as well and will post an updated schedule with a Tuesday book review tomorrow!

And one last thanks for all your amazing and supportive comments over the past month!!

O and duh Happy Halloween I forgot since we are celebrationlesss over here!!!

3 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge – Day Thirty One – Wrapping It All Up

  1. I ate candy too! yum…………….it was very cold last night for the tricker treaters but they were out in full force my car did not get egged LOL…………I am at Joshs and waiting for a mother board for my computer …there was a spike in the elc at my apartment and it fried my computer darn………….. life is the pink bunny ,just keeps on moving. tick tick then chitty bang bang ….oxoxooxox

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