October Photography Challenge – Day Thirty – Blurry

Day Thirty Directive – Self Portrait

This is us at the wee hours of this morning all blurry but having a great time. We checked out the new bar in town called Satan i Gatan? it translates to Satan in the Streets. It was fun but getting home around 1:30 really wipes me out!

This was the last official day for the October Photography Challenge, I am going to do something tomorrow but I am not sure what yet. Then for November I am thinking of having a schedule like this:

Sunday – Sunday Sound Off – Current thoughts, things I am loving etc

Monday – Meal plan and or recipe review

Tuesday – Book Review

Wednesday – Swedish and expat life

Thursday – ?

Friday – Wish I was there – a place I have or have not been but would love to go

Saturday – ?

What do you think and any suggestions for the question mark days?




8 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge – Day Thirty – Blurry

  1. Yes, I have a suggestion for Thursdays, at my house on Thursdays it’s “Craft Day”, this is the day your cousin Diane comes over and we make our crafts, like table cloth toppers for a family wedding, or pendant banners, or homemade vanilla extract, this is also a day that I try out new recipes(since there is someone there to give it a try)…so what I was thinking was since I know you read alot of blogs, and I am sure there are some crafty ones, you could post a link to your favorite ones or most creative posts…or something like that, or a recipe from a blog that you are hoping to try soon…so it’s kinda, sharing crafty bloggy stuff or something like that….

  2. I’m thinking about doing “Photo Friday” or something like that to keep taking and posting photos now that the photo challenge is over – maybe you could do something like that? “Snapshot Saturday”? Lol

  3. I love the photo idea for Saturday. What about posting a pic you find of something you like on the other day- like a blogger I like who does Pug Friday and posts a funny pic she finds each week. Or what about doing a review of a fun alcohol (beer or wine or something) each week that you find, somethign we probably couldn’t get in the states?

  4. Love love love this photo!!!!!! I have great affection for blurry self portraits. I don’t know why, but I do. I have one framed of me and my best friend in London and it’s blurry and wonderful! Good work!

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